These delicious cookies are first come first serve! We restock Monday- Friday. Once order is placed, Kukies are freshly baked and shipped out the next business day.


Chocolate Lover

This double chocolate chip stuffed with Nutella kukie is your next addiction!  


Dulce De Leche




Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a white chocolate base cookie stuffed with 2 carrot cake Oreos lightly coated with brown sugar. Enjoy this one of a kind treat!


Sugar Rush

This is not your average sugar cookie. This seasonal treat is a sugar based cookie, white chocolate chips & stuffed with vanilla frosting 🧁


Gingerbread Man

Get into the holiday spirit with our newest seasonal treats! This delicious treat includes molasses, ginger crackers, truffle sea salt caramel chips, stuffed dulce de leche (caramel), & a cute gingerman on top. Don't miss out!


X-mas Cocoa 

Sprinkled peppermint, semi sweet choc chips, Hershey cocoa kisses, stuffed marshmallows, & a crunch bar. A treat you can't resist! 



Peanut Butter & Jelly- Time! Grape jelly in the center is bursting with flavor and happy childhood memories. Reese's cup and white chocolate chips smacked in the inside. Your new favorite snack!



(Happy Birthday To You To The Second Power)

When you only thought your bday couldn’t get any better, now introducing the best to the second power! This delicious cookie is stuffed with birthday cake and oreos in the middle.This delicious birthday cake cookie is stuffed with oreos in the middle.


You had me @ fruity pebbles

Fruity pebbles with white chocolate chips!


Breakfast In Bed!

This big boy is stuffed with NUTELLA & WAFFLES! Mixed with semi choc chips! You can warm it up or eat it as is. Whatever you do don’t forget to eat it for breakfast in bed.


I can’t CINNAMON believe it!

Try our newest edition yet! The cinnamon roll is to die for!

What's inside:

White chocolate chips , white chocolate drizzle, stuffed cinnamon roll, coated with cinnamon dust.


French Toast With A Chance Of Unicorn!

YES! You heard right! This magical kukie is stuffed with French toast, maple, white chocolate chips & some unicorn magic!


Hey Shawty It's Your Birthday

Try our newest birthday edition! A Soft, Cake Batter, Vanilla, White ChocolateChcolate Chip + Sprinkles! The perfect birthday treat! It is OK if it's not your actual birthday, you can pretend, we won't tell anyone! 


The MUNCHster!

Similar to a rainbow scone, this kukie has the perfect balanced mix between salty & sweet! Some of the ingredients include: white chocolate chip, milk chocolate chip, M&Ms, caramel drizzle and the rest is everything but the kitchen sink!


GUAVA R U talkin' about!

Golden brown on the outside and nice and soft on the inside! A mix of white chocolate and chunks of guava... A must try! It tatstes just like the Cuban pastrie Pastelito de guava but in a kukie form. 


Not Your Average Chocolate Chip


Kukies & Kream


Oreo Chocolate Chip


Charlie Brownie 

Set of 5 Kukies

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